Martin Van Rossum also (or better) known as Martin Nonstatic. Netherlands – born producer who represents such a labels like Dewtone, Silent Season or Bine Music (among the others) agreed for short interview for Tobiesobiemiastu. Enjoy your reading !

Tobiesobiemiastu: Tell me when have you started producing music ?

Martin Nonstatic: In age of 18 I started to explore the inner life of synthesizers and sound designing. Producing with hardware came around 3 years later. But my focus on releasing music came a lot later 🙂

Tobiesobiemiastu: How can your describe your music ?

Martin Nonstatic: Most difficult question for me 🙂 because I grew up with ambient, techno, electronica, drumandbass music and another 200 interesting genres I love. My music has always been influenced by emotions and just working with sounds. In a few words I would say: deep, chordy, experimental, harmonic, open and sometimes mystic.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Your new album just has been released (in the end of September) on German label Bine Music. How long you’ve been working on it and what kind music and what can we expect ?

Martin Nonstatic: It took me exactly 14 months to concept, arrange and produce this album. Some private changes and life processing/movements guided me along that album’s path. It is a very personal album and includes sounds, field recordings and beats I programmed in past 4 years. “Inner Landscapes” is a journey into sounds, arts and atmospheres wrapped in a more ambient, electronica and dubtechno flavored genre.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Your inspirations and let say five best albums you have ever heard ?

Martin Nonstatic: Uuuuh: Stevie B-Zet “Archaic Modulation”, “Artificial Intelligence 2” on Warp Records, Monolake “Gravitiy”, Solar Fields ” Movements”, Vangelis” Blade Runner and Björk “Homogenic”

Tobiesobiemiastu: What do you think about condition of dub / deep / organic techno nowadays ?

Martin Nonstatic: I think the dubtechno and deep techno scene has grown to a much bigger familiar one and has a lot of good producers! But for me personally I miss the analog and deep sounds of the mid 90´s a lot. The digital world allows nowadays almost everybody to work with software and soft synths so it’s impossible to have a overview what is really happening out there.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Plans for future ?

Martin Nonstatic: Hopefully 1 or 2 vinyls, and finalizing my audio/video project “Duoluxe” with Markus aka Soundwiese. Check domrauschen.com.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Thanks !

Martin Nonstatic: Thanks ! All best.

Don’t forget to check Martin’s Soundcloud and of course his new album “Inner Landscapes” for Bine Music.


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