Short interview with Dirty Owl, Nizhny Novgorod-based deejay and producer. Enjoy your reading.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Tell me something about people involved in Dirty Owl project ?

Dirty Owl: That’s only me Alexander Ananyev. Some time ago I was recording music togheter with my friends as a Sleepy Town Manufacture, but after several years and a few albums our ways splited, so I started making music as Sleepy Town Manufacture alone for a while and then I thought I will start it all over again, fresh and new. So I created Dirty Owl project. I also have an ambient project called Beautumn, that’s a kind of special thing to me, so I still make it, from time to time.

Tobiesobiemiastu: When have you started producing music as Sleepy Town Manufacture ? I’ve been always curious is there any story behind the great name Sleepy Town Manufacture ?

Dirty Owl: We started our journey with music as a Sleepy Town in 1999. At first, my friend Anton Lukoyanychev came up with a name D.U.S.T, which means Digital Underground Of Sleepy Town. You see, we were fans of Future Sounds Of London. but a bit later we dropped digital underground part and added manufacture, cause we lived in a factory district, there were machnies all over the place making noises. A huge inspiration came from this fact.

Tobiesobiemiastu: I met Sleepy Town thanks to legendary netlabel Sutemos…

Dirty Owl: Yeah, Sutemos. That’s two lithuanian guys. In February 2004, they took a track Kabyn from our release on Monotonik, for a compilation Intelligent Toys which was pretty cool, a lots of good stuff. So we’ve started collaborating, they invited me to play in Vilnius several times and I really loved the vibes there. Working with Sutemos was super awesome and I was so impressed, that  I even made special album for Vilnius gig – Plankton recorded on CDR.

Tobiesobiemiastu: How could you decsribe your music as a Sleepy Town Manufacture and how as a Dirty Owl ?

Dirty Owl: I always felt Sleepy Town music as a group effort, not solo, so it was a boiling pot with ideas. We’ve tried a lof of different styles, just because we loved so much music, we wanted to make something like this and like that, and later each one of us found his very own sound. Dirty Owl – well, for me it’s a continuation of Sleepy Town tracks I did. You know: similar mood, different approach though. I got into making music with gear mostly, not on computer, like before… so sound had changed I think and the first Dirty Owl’s album – I tried some new stuff on it, but it’s quite melodic and it’s not a radical departure from what I did with STM before that. But I really want to try something different next time. Also I would like to kinda support the word “dirty” in my alias, so next record will be really dirty and insane 🙂

Tobiesobiemiastu: Your five all – time favorite albums ?

Dirty Owl: The Cure – Disintegration and Wish, Orbital – In Sides. Future Sounds Of London – Dead Cities, Squarepusher – Hard Normal Daddy, Aphex Twin – I Care Because You Do, Autechre – Tri Repetae. Boring selection I guess, nothing new there, but at least it’s an honest one I deeply love those albums and still listen them after all those years, and daamn, they’re so good !!

Tobiesobiemiastu: Plans for future ?

Dirty Owl: Dirty owl 12” on Robinsons Depositories – new label, real underground stuff, so pumped up for this one should be released pretty soon.Next is Beautumn – Bordeaux (LP, CD and digital, also there’s bonus 10” with two exclusive tracks) – should be released on Infraction Records. I keep my fingers crossed for this year. Worth the wait though. Really personal album to me, pure ambient music – no rhythms on this one, except for noises from mechanical parts.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Thanks !

Dirty Owl: Thanks !



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