Deep Electronics means quality. Quality music it brings every single time with selection of amazing artist from all over the world. Ambient Sessions mix series (which is part of Deep Electronics) is in my opinion one of the best out there. I did short inteview with Jeroen Smulders – the man who’s standing behind the Deep Electronics. Enjoy your reading !

Tobiesobiemiastu: Tell me something about the idea behind the Deep Electronics, please.

Jeroen Smulders: I started Deep Electronics with idea to combine photography with electronic music. For a couple of years now I’ve been photographing everything from nature to abstract, people. Especially with the travels I make for work. And I had the idea to combine it with the electronics music I love such as techno, dubtechno, ambient music (especially dark ambient and drone), IDM, deep techno. I wanted to artwork to be as the music. A good friend of mine StriCt had suprised me with a set and he wanted me to release it as the very first podcast online. I already had a artwork for him and I posted the first chapter on Soundcloud. That was the begining.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Is there any pattern of how you pick up the atrtists ? I’ve been following Deep Electronics Ambient Sessions for a while and I am always suprised how amazing music you deliver every time with artists I’ve never heard of before.

Jeroen Smulders: No there isn’t any pattern. I search the whole web but mainly through Bandcamp and Soundcloud. On those websites you can find a lot of good producers ! If I find good quality ambient music then I send him or her a message and if they are interested for a mix so that they can present there music to a wider audience. But sometimes they contacted me and offer a mix.

Tobiesobiemiastu: And which artist’s music recently made biggest impact on you ?

Jeroen Smulders: Ah yeah that’s a good question. All the artist are great in what they do ! My favorites at the moment are: Maps And Diagrams. They released a mini cd album on Handstitched* called Celsius. Nice sounds and textures. BLNDR – his track Function 303 (Warehouse Mix ) on HYPNUS Records is deep and intense and when I heard this his track on Youtube I was completely blown away. Hologram – Solstice, this track was mixed by lori in his mix that I posted last year so I found it on the web and it turns out that his track was already released (in 2002) on Natural Source label on a very limited 12″. Now it’s re – issued digitally on Bandcamp by Schematic Music Group. Fjäder and her track Ison that is released on Fullpanda is a deep and sometimes darky techno. Very catchy bleeps and sounds ! But there are so many artist that I like !

Tobiesobiemiastu: Could you tell me when your music journey started and what was the tipping point for you when you said: oh yes, this is it.

Jeroen Smulders: My aunt had a vinyl record named Oxygene from Jean Micheal Jarre. I didn’t know what kind of music it was so when my father used it as a background music for his videos. I got triggered to listen her records and I was blown away by it. I grew up with electronic, synthesizer music and later on in the early 90’s house was hot. Especially here in Holland I listened a lot of hardcore / gabber music and I found out that there where more genres in than house music such as techno, trance etc. In 1996 I found goa / psytrance. That was a big change and I was very interesed in the way the music was and the related lifestyle around it. But I also discovered the more deeper music like ambient, more experimetal music. My first ambient album that bought was Biosphere – Substrata in 1998. In my opinion the best ambient album ever ! Later on my muisc taste changed. I didn’t like the hardcore music anymore and the very big festivals, I visited a lot back then like Dance Valley, Mysteryland and Indoor: Innercity, Shockers, and grew more to minimal, dubtechno and ambient. That is what I am still listening and enjoy the most today.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Besides the Deep Electronic Podcasts and Ambient Sessions Podcasts you also run a netlabel. Could you tell me more about it ?

Jeroen Smulders: Before I started with the podcast I was always searching around for music on the internet and I discovered a lot of good music on netlabels like Ektoplazm, DNA productions, Digital Diamonds to name a few. Free for download in a creative commons license. So when I started with the podcast I always thought about it to release free music as netlabel. When I met Aleksei Klimkin (Apobothra) in Amsterdam in 2013 I asked him if he wants to do the first free digital release on the netlabel and he said yes ! So I started with the artwork design and he with is tracks. So when he was ready writing, producing and mastering his album Valles Marinaris I released it on Bandcamp. I was very happy to see an idea grow and comes to live and that listeners all over the world enjoyed it. Later on I also released two compilations with artists that also where involved in the podcast serie. I try this ever year around the anniverary of Deep Electronics. The nice part is that I always want to thank you the artists with a gift. And that is a physical cd-r. The first cdr was a limited edition of 12 and the second one a edition of 20. Every artist gets one from me and several are placed on Bandcamp. I design, stamp, print, burn everything. One big wish from me is to release a 12″ or CD. And now I already released 8 albums from artists like: Apobothra, Mr. Sideburns, Niccolo Machiavelli, IF I HAD A HIFI, Ocralab, Dimitris Palikaris. Next release is from Solef and is still in progress.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Five best albums of all time in your opinion ?

Jeroen Smulders: Biosphere – Substrata, Monolake – Polygon Cities, Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene, Deepchord Presents Echospace – Liumin, Plastikman – Artifakts (BC)

Tobiesobiemiastu: Let’s talk about deep electronic music scene in Netherlands. How does it look from your perspective ?

Jeroen Smulders: Well here in Netherlands all kinds of electronic music has it’s popularity. The mainstream is big ! We got a lot of good DJ’s, producers and festivals here like Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Welcome To The Future, Voltt Loves Summer, Awakenings Festival and so on. The more underground genres are also very popular but more in a little enviroment. Deep music makes its appereance on festivals in a smaller areas than the EDM style for instance because I think it gives the music more dimension instead of standing on a big field or venue. Most of the time little venues give more opportunity to experiment, try new sounds where you can chill or dance, outdoor or indoor.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Plans for future for Deep Electronics ? Can you say what artist we can expect ?

Jeroen Smulders: I am currently busy with preparing a mini cdr album for Apobothra called Will Mankind Destroy Itself ? His first physical release. There is also a new digital album on it’s way from Solef named Leave This World Behind and I’ve just started with the third compilation and I already have some artists involved. But this project takes some months because I don’t use deadlines (also for all the other albums). In my opinion it’s bad for the high quality and I want to give the producers the time they need for producing a track and I am not pushing them to produce in a short notice. And DeepWoods is also still creating a EP including some remixes from a few artists like Kris Dubinsky and Spilt Silo.I also have several podcasts on the way to be released in a couple of months or so. To name a few: Milan Kobar, Emanuele Pertoldi (aka Shaded Explorer), Transit Massacre, Siavash Amini and more. So check official Facebook page for all the updates.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Thanks !

Jeroen Smulders: Thanks !

Soundcloud / Mixcloud 

Picture taken by Rare Prints.


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