Hello, Hior Chronik. It’s great to have you featured on Tobiesobiemiastu. And it’s also amazing to have you play in Poland, because you’ll be performing in Warsaw on 26.10 in Kwadratowa, right? But let’s not steal your precious time and get straight to a short set of questions we’ve prepared for this occasion.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Which of the two do you prefer? Playing digital live acts, or playing an actual live instrument like the piano? Why?

Hior Chronik: I’m not a fan of digital live acts, even though I have done it many times in the past – and I still do it. I prefer live instruments on stage, but when what I play is closer to electronic music or ambient, it’s rather difficult. I had a piano on stage for the first time ever, one week ago, presenting my new album, and I felt that this was it. Thanks to my mate that helped me with the piano, there was a mix of digital sounds and acoustic soundscapes. I actually enjoy this combination and I wanna do more of it in the near future

Tobiesobiemiastu: What’s your routine when you work on new music? Where do you draw inspirations from? How does your creative process look like when you’re in the studio? Is your studio a ‘home studio’, or do you record in a professional setting?

Hior Chronik: When I make music, I’m usually disconnected from people. I stay many hours inside my flat and I focus only on music. I don’t wanna be disturbed or influenced by what is happening at that moment in the world. In general, I work fast and I record many sounds or play the piano spontaneously so that after that I have a lot of music to work on. I try not to run after perfection because it doesn’t exist for me in any kind of art. I get inspiration from travelling, the people I love, and what is going on around the world. When I record, my mind is empty from thoughts and my heart is full of feelings. I work at my home studio or in other places where I can record the sound of the piano.

Tobiesobiemiastu: What kind of music do you listen to to get inspired? Are there any specific genres or artists that you tend to follow?

Hior Chronik: I never get inspired from the music I listen to. It influences me, but my inspiration comes only from my way of living. I always listen to Arvo Pärt and classical music, and when I need a break, I make meditation with techno.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Is there any particular type of music you really don’t like? Why?

Hior Chronik: Yes… Reggae is totally not my thing, it’s just not my world. I can feel easily bored with it after, like, 5 minutes of listening.

Tobiesobiemiastu:  Do you have any specific personal goal in the area of music you’d like to achieve? Like recording a soundtrack for a movie or a theatre play?

Hior Chronik: Sometimes I work for theatres or movies and documentaries, but I try to work mostly on my own music and my live shows. I wish to have more opportunities in the near future to work with directors or dance projects.

Tobiesobiemiastu:  We do know you’re a keen – and very observant – photographer. How did you get involved in photography? What kind of equipment do you use to take photos? Do you spend much time photographing? Would you agree that your photos tend to match your music in some mysterious way?

Hior Chronik: Well, as I’ve said many times, I don’t think of myself as a photographer. I mean… it’s hard for me to call it art. I just transfer nice pictures from the nature or cities that I travel to and through. I studied photography at university. In general, I don’t spend time with the photos I make. I have my camera and almost always with me and I just “click” to take the image of something I like and I wanna keep. I have had a Canon 550d for many years now, and I seldom use my iPhone. I agree that the pictures match my music and that’s because I’m the same person behind both perhaps… 🙂 But speaking seriously, now I think that my photos follow the music I make. They could be better in the future if I focus more on that.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Any specific plans for the nearest future in terms of music or photography?

Hior Chronik: First of all, I’m looking forward to my new album getting released on Kitchen. Label in a few months. It’s a solo piano album, featuring Aaron Martin with his cello in some parts. There’s a new release with Arovane on the way, and I’ll be also making original music for two Greek films.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Thank you for your time! Looking forward to listening to you play!

Hior Chronik: See you soon, and I’m looking forward to coming to Warsaw, which is one of my favorite cities.



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